Celebrating International Women's Day: 7 career tips from successful women speaking at Experience 2021

As we come together to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re taking this moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements of the women who work here at ICE Mortgage Technology. 

We are dedicated to sharing in the responsibility of supporting those who are seeking to expand their leadership potential both at ICE Mortgage Technology and beyond. Our eMerge: Women in Leadership employee group is a long-standing pillar in our efforts to encourage mentorship and foster a community for leaders across our organization. This month, our Women in Leadership group, in partnership with Women in Technology International (WITI), is gathering women from throughout the tech sector to participate in speed mentoring sessions on March 16th. These sessions are open to all and we invite you to join us as we discuss the challenges we’ve faced, exchange lessons learned, and share the “Aha!” moments we’ve had on our professional journeys.

For a real-world example of the impact mentorship can have on your career, look no further than Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s first female official. Sarah is one of the featured speakers at our Experience 2021 user conference and during her session, she talks about overcoming adversity and finding your passion while maintaining work-life balance, decision-making, and not only succeeding as a female in a male-dominated industry but achieving breakthrough success for males and females alike. A key piece of advice she shares during her talk is that “Whatever your path is, even if [the person] doesn’t look like you, you can be a mentee to them. Pick their brain and just be a sponge. Be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all when you’re growing in your career path.”

In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked a few of our very own women leaders speaking at Experience 2021 to share career advice to help other women grow professionally. No matter where you are in your career or which field you work in, we hope you find some inspiration and wisdom from our colleagues.

Nancy Alley, VP, Product Strategy

“When you are considering your next role or position, always stretch yourself. If you feel you can do 90% of the prospective job today, you need to take a bigger leap.  Your next role should be a 50/50 mix: 50% to show off your talents to a broader audience or new domain and 50% to grow, learn (and even feel a bit overwhelmed).  When I look back at the moves that changed the trajectory of my career, it was always the roles where I stretched out of my comfort zone that made the difference.”

Session: The ICE Mortgage Technology Roadmap

Premiere: Monday, March 8 | 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

Cathy Blaszyk, Sr. Partner Alliance Manager

“Back in college, my Marketing professor required us to reach out to local business leaders and interview them. One bank executive I interviewed followed the motto: “A rising tide raises all ships.” It resonated with me. He was an accomplished professional with a humble heart who truly believed in helping the people in his organization grow, no matter what position they held. By taking an interest and helping others rise up in their careers, he also rose with them and had a committed team.”

Session: Partner programs to drive awareness and adoption

Premiere: Tuesday, March 9 | 1:00pm PT/ 4:00pm ET

Amy Cross, Sr. Manager, Product, Product Management

“The most critical factor in success is to be both honest and realistic, both when dealing with good news and dealing with bad news. You have to start conversations and interactions from the point of what is rather than what you believe the other person wants to hear. Only at that point can you truly make progress to get to the point where you need to be.”

Session: Coming attractions: What’s new with Developer Connect?

Available on-demand

Rebecca Frisbie, Director, Encompass Document Platform

“The best piece of advice I have for other women is that when you get a seat at the table, respect the honor of it. Be assured that you deserve it and are where you are for a reason. Be humble, use the honor wisely and always strive for the betterment of all.”

Session: Encompass eClose Product Demonstration

Available on-demand

Alisa Grover, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

“My advice for women trying to break into the Technology Industry is that you probably know more than you think. Have confidence and never stop learning. Also, you don’t need to be ‘sorry’ for asking questions, don’t apologize for gaining knowledge.”

Session: The future of the touchless mortgage with ICE Mortgage Technology

Live: Thursday, March 18 | 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Michelle Hansen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

“The best piece of advice I ever received was to offer a solution instead of a problem. Instead of asking, "what should I do about this?", provide some recommendations for a solution by saying "let’s tackle it by thinking about x, y, and z".  Ask for advice and insight into a challenge – but come armed with a proposal and rationale to demonstrate yourself as a leader and problem solver.

Session: Use case: LHM Financial streamlines shipping and post close activities through Encompass Investor Connect

Available on-demand

Laurie Krause, Principal Solutions Engineer

“As women, we are generally helpers and we don’t like to disappoint.  So, practice saying, with confidence and sincerity, ‘No, I’m sorry, that doesn’t work for me.’ The main advice I would give my younger self, as well as others starting out, is to take time to reflect and know where you want to go and keep an open mind to other paths that may present themselves. Then: relax and enjoy the ride.”

Session: Correspondent loan acquisition: Collaborate with your customers via TPO Connect and Investor Connect

Session: Correspondent loan acquisition: Automate your pre-purchase and purchase review process

Available on-demand

Thank you to our colleagues for sharing their best pieces of career advice with us. And things don’t stop here! We invite our customers and partners to join these remarkable women leaders and the broader ICE Mortgage Technology community at Experience 2021. The conference is now open until March 26 and we encourage you to watch these sessions and see our team in action.

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