5 ways to celebrate Black History Month

By: Mia Stewart, Lead Application Instructor, ICE Mortgage Technology 

February is African American History Month: A month dedicated to paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society. 

On behalf of ICE Mortgage Technology's EMerge: Black Professionals Employee Resource Group, we'd like to share 5 easy ways to celebrate Black History today and every day. 

1. Experience Black history through an interactive virtual museum tour

Visit this list of African American history museums you can explore right from home.

2. Attend a virtual Black Culture event

A plethora of Heritage and History Month events are being hosted by various organizations through the end of the month. The virtual events feature engaging topics, prominent guest speakers, and facts and insights on Black history. Check out their virtual event calendars:

3. Learn about an unsung hero of Black history

Explore the below resources and join us in honoring the roles and achievements of these remarkable people.

4. Explore Black music

In honor of Black History Month 2021, Reverb is celebrating the innovations, contributions, and groundbreaking achievements of Black musicians throughout history. Check out their video and music here. We also recommend exploring the Smithsonian Institute's Spotlight on African American music.

5. Support a Black business in your community

Supporting a Black-owned business in our communities is one of the most powerful ways we can celebrate Black History Month. There are a variety of apps in the App Store that help users locate Black-owned businesses within their communities - covering everything from Black-owned eateries to Black-owned boutique shops.

Here's a list of our favorite apps that will help you locate Black-owned businesses in your area:

Join us as we celebrate and honor Black History together.

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