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Innovation Award Winner: Lennar Mortgage simplifies lending through automation

  •  By ICE Mortgage Technology

Contributed by Lennar Mortgage, LLC

At Lennar Mortgage, LLC., we embrace the concept of “simply”. We strive to make our process for our Customers and Associates simply the best!

Automating the mundane

It’s no secret our industry relies upon humans to certify data, reports, findings, and fees through extensive document review and classification. At Lennar Mortgage, we are on a mission to shift the mundane steps in our origination process away from our talented Associates and onto the shoulders of technology. As Brittney Dabaeke, National Trainer, likes to say, “Automation allows us to re-invest our associates time to our Customer’s overall experience.”

We have achieved many automation wins! Being a home builder with affiliated mortgage, title, and insurance companies, we have a unique opportunity to automate processes that support our workflows in ways that make the mortgage process incredible for our customers and associates. We developed a web-based integration that enables instant sharing of loan data, closing figures, important comments, and crucial updates with our affiliated title company when they are selected to close the transaction.

We have eliminated the need to review the physical Closing Disclosure to determine discrepancies, emailing updates back and forth, or manually keying loan and fee data into our systems of record. Our solution highlights what doesn’t match in both systems. We simply eliminated the “stare & compare” process by automating the analysis!

Fostering ideas and adoption

Soliciting feedback, ideas, opportunities, and tips from our workforce is incredibly valuable to the success and adoption of our automated solutions. Our approach ensures we design processes that are truly providing measurable efficiency. We are hypersensitive to the impact of workflow changes and unintended consequences of automation. Doug Calabrese, SVP Operations, says, “Evolution is part of business and life. We have pushed our organization to evolve.”

Today, over 60% of our closing are completed digitally. From Remote Online Notary (RON) to Hybrid eClosings, we have leveraged API integrations coupled with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to effortlessly generate closing documents and deliver them to the correct provider based on data in our loan origination system. Allen Lance, Manager of Production Systems, says, “Efficiency was essential due to our application volume. Robotic Process Automation has given us numerous solutions to automate the work of dozens of associates, and we’ve succeeded in breaking the paradigm.”

Continuing the momentum

Even after all that automation, we’re not done yet! Throughout 2022, we have embarked on a logic-driven task-based workflow that enables our associates to identify what task to work on next. We will recapture over 110 minutes that our Associates spend in our system of record per loan, focusing on eliminating manual analysis and easing pipeline management. David Todd, EVP of Production, states it perfectly: “Automation frees up time that can be spent on higher value activity. The result is a better experience for our customers, partners, and associates.”

At Lennar Mortgage, creating the world’s simplest path to homeownership is the guiding principle in everything we do. As Closing Manager, Jenny Todd succinctly states, “Automation has given back to our Associates one of life’s most valuable assets: Time!”

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