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The new AllRegs Online has an intuitive homepage with the ability to personalize views, a centralized and improved search to make it easier to find what you need, and document view updates to easily access recently viewed, select favorites and add notes. Administrators now have the functionality to manage users and groups.

The benefits

Single source of truth

The single source for agency guidelines, state and federal compliance regulations, and correspondent investor information.

Improved loan quality

Access the most accurate and up-to-date sources of information, productivity and the quality of your loans increases.

Increase profitability

Our intuitive search can locate the content you need quickly. Save time and money throughout the loan production process.

Investor and compliance resources

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Single-Family Lending Package

A comprehensive online database consisting of thousands of government and conventional single-family lending guidelines and forms. Accurately maintained and easily accessible with a variety of easy-to-use features, you’re assured of fast, reliable answers as well as the right forms when you need them.

  • Thousands of pages of government and conventional single-family lending guidelines and forms
  • Proprietary tools to access information quickly
  • Embedded links to the most current information and hard-to-find documents
  • Pending Legislation
  • Federal Disclosures and other forms
  • Quick Answer search for your home state compliance analysis and commentary
  • A single, reliable source for all the things you need to know, but shouldn’t have to remember

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Multi-Family Lending Package

The Multifamily Lending Package is a collection of underwriting and insuring guidelines, consolidating all the multifamily information you need into one convenient, reasonably priced package. It delivers cover-to-cover guidelines with forms and exhibits for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA. It also includes relevant sections of the Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register.

  • Proprietary tools to get you to the information you need fast, backed up by years of user feedback
  • Embedded links that bring you from obsolete documents to the very latest information
  • A single, reliable source for all the things you need to know, but shouldn’t have to remember

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State Compliance

Remove risk without having to add members to your team or hours to your day. Quickly locate current, state-specific information and requirements for licenses, education, fees and more. Originators, closers, servicers and compliance officers simply target the state they want and get the pertinent information delivered to their fingertips.

  • Dynamically generate reports that compare information across states and export it into useful file formats
  • Easily export multi-state compliance matrices for further annotation or changes
  • Save the report criteria to be re-run at a later time with updated information
  • Link back to the authoritative laws and regulations in AllRegs
  • Get a condensed analysis of information across a broad range of compliance topics
  • Research multiple states at once to save time managing compliance

Investor Library

Access full narrative guidelines on key industry investors all inside of AllRegs Online… your single reliable source of truth. Accompanied by the Single-Family Lending product, this allows you to access all your investor guidelines in the same location as your single-family lending guides and compliance content. With the AllRegs Investor Library, you can view product guidelines for those participating investors that you are currently doing business with*, as well as those investors who have opted to share their product guidelines on an open distribution basis. Investors include U.S. Bank, Flagstar Bank, CitiBank, Chase, and Wells Fargo. There are over 95 investors to choose from, so sign up today!

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Publishing Services

Change happens fast and out-of-date content can confuse customers and employees, and wreak havoc on closing times and compliance. AllRegs Publishing Services ensures your employees, business partners and customers always work from content that keeps them compliant and efficient.

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Exclusive online publishers for:

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Mortgage Mentor Guides

Give your originators the tools to navigate critical CFPB expectations and originate compliant FHA and VA loans with confidence. AllRegs Mortgage Mentor® Guides are up-to-date, online instruction manuals that leverage the AllRegs search engine to provide your users with reliable answers and industry-recognized best practices for success.

  • Links to supporting federal publications and announcements
  • Step-by-step guidance for ensuring compliance
  • Exclusive worksheets and checklists designed with the novice user in mind

Customer testimonials

"The streamlined search function, search preference on the Home page, Favorites and Recent Views are a huge time-saver and increase efficiency for any of our users."

Tammy Kunce
Mortgage Underwriter, Residential Banking Group
NBH Bank

"All the information we need is centralized in one easy to navigate location. AllRegs continues to make my job of supporting staff easier and our team better!"

Elisha Shaughnessy
Mortgage Review Analyst
Bell Bank Mortgage